How the TSS 482 Visa works

The Temporary Skill Shortage 482 visa is a temporary skilled work visa designed to help employers with an immediate skills shortages that cannot be filled by Australian citizens or residents.

Introduced in March 2018, the TSS 482 visa replaces the 457 visa.

The 482 visa has three streams:

a short term stream that is valid for 2 years

 a medium term stream that is valid for 4 years

labour agreement stream that is valid for 4 years.

There are differences in the occupation lists for the short term stream and the medium term stream. And there is an additional 482 visa skills list for regional areas.

 How the 482 visa works:

  1. An approved business sponsor meets the criteria to nominate a position from the skilled occupation list.
  2. The nominated position is approved by the Department of Home Affairs, enabling the candidate to prepare for applying for the 482 visa.
  3. Having passed the relevant skills assessment, language requirements and character test, the candidate applies for the 482 visa.
  4. The 482 visa is granted and the candidate can begin working for the sponsoring employer.


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