407 Training Visas

The subclass 407 Training visa enables an employer to sponsor a worker to take part in workplace-based training activities. The visa is valid for up to 2 years.

Who is the 407 Training visa for?

The 407 Training visa is designed to improve the visa holder’s field of expertise, form part of their tertiary studies or serve as professional development training in Australia.

The purpose of the temporary visa program is to give visa holders structured training and skill development in Australia by offering practical training experiences. 

The 407 visa is open to a range of industries from healthcare, engineering, information technology, hospitality, agriculture, and the arts.

Under the 407 Training visa, eligible applicants can undertake training programs ranging from 6 to 24 months in duration.

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Have a sponsor:

To qualify for the 407 Training visa, applicants must secure sponsorship from an approved Australian organization or institution.

407 visa applicants need a Temporary Activities Sponsor to nominate them for training, and have their nomination approved, before they can apply for a 407 visa.

This sponsor plays a central role in organizing and overseeing the training program which must meet the visa requirements and the educational objectives.

English Language proficiency:

Visa applicants also must demonstrate proficiency in English language skills and possess adequate health insurance coverage for the duration of their stay in Australia.

The 407 training visa covers 3 different types of workplace training. These which are:

        • Workplace training needed for registration
        • Structured workplace training to improve skills in an eligible occupation (not all occupations can be put forward for a 407 visa)
        • Training that promotes capacity building in another country. This can be for the purposes of professional development, gaining an overseas qualification or providing government support

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407 Training Visa Process Overview

What are the steps involved in bringing a temporary skilled worker to Australia for training? Here’s a short summary of the steps:

Step 1. Sponsor Assembles documents for visa nomination

Step 2. Sponsor Lodges Nomination

Step 3. Nomination is approved. Sponsor gives visa applicant a transaction number.

Step 4. Visa applicant assembles documents.

Step 5. Visa applicant lodges their 407 visa application.

Step 6. Visa is granted.

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407 Training Visa Nomination

How do employers nominate a worker for a 407 Training visa? Before an employer can nominate, they must be an approved temporary activities sponsor for the nomination to be granted.  Find out more about becoming a temporary activities sponsor here.

Step 1. Prepare 407 visa nomination documents

You will need to establish the purpose of the training the applicant will be doing while they have the 407 training visa.

For all Training Plans

Sponsors will need to prepare the documents below for all types of workplace training eligible for the 407 visa:

Contracts: a copy of the training contract or agreement. This should include pay if the visa applicant will be an employee. For 407 visa applicants who will be employees, it’ll be important to show their pay and conditions are consistent with Australia’s Fair Work Act.

Places and Times: details of all periods and places of training. This includes on-the-job training, supervised work activities or classroom-based learning.

Government Agency Letter: a letter from an Australian Commonwealth Government agency if they support you engaging other organizations to train the nominee

English Language: a statement confirming the nominee has functional English language skills to take part in the training. Functional English is the equivalent to an IELTS score of 4.5. The English language requirement does not apply if you hold a passport issued by Ireland, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdon or the United States.

Licenses: copies of the nominee’s registration or license, required for the training.

Other documents required will vary depending on the purpose of the training.

Occupational training to improve skills in an eligible occupation 407 training visa australia

Sponsoring employers need to provide:

a copy of the nominee’s relevant qualifications and their CV

a copy of the workplace-based training program. The training program should include:

an assessment of the candidate’s current skill level in the occupation being performed

a personalised training needs analysis and list of learning outcomes, including how the nominee will be monitored and assessed.

the tasks to be completed which should include time frames for completion and progression in difficulty and complexity over the course of the training program.

details of the supervisors, trainers and assessors, including their qualifications and experience.

Health practitioners treating patients as part of their occupational training should have:

have a letter from the relevant registration authority, or

regulatory body stating the nominee has conditional registration for the training

 Employer sponsors will need to give the visa applicant the following details so they can apply for their 407 training visa:

 The transaction number (TRN) for your sponsorship application

 A written statement that you will meet your sponsorship obligations to the 407 visa applicant and their family (if they’re included on the application)

If the sponsoring employer is an Australian Commonwealth Government agency, you will need to give the 407 visa applicant the sponsorship application ID for the sponsorship application, the nomination application, and an invitation to partake in training.

The applicant will need these documents below to make their application for the 407 visa, along with documents proving their:

      • passport page and family members
      • financial viability showing they can support themselves while in Australia – this will require showing bank statements, employment contracts, Allowances, accommodation arrangements and stipends from your sponsor
      • health insurance cover
      • police clearances
      • English language capability – For the subclass 407 training visa, functional English is required which is the equivalent to an IELTS score of 4.5. The English language requirement does not apply if you hold a passport issued by the Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, United Kingdom or the United States.
      • The 407 visa applicant will also need to present workplace-based activity documents, being:
        • a copy of their qualifications and CV
        • any registrations or licenses needed to do the training.
        • a copy of the invitation to a participate in the training if the sponsor is an Australian Commonwealth agency
        • a statement from your sponsor confirming they are satisfied:

you are doing the professional development training specified in the application

you have relevant managerial or other professional skills and work experience to participate in the program

Occupational training required for registration

You will need a letter from the regulatory body for the occupation in Australia or your home country which includes your name and states the nominated training is necessary for your to get registration, membership or licensing to work in your occupation.

Health Practitioners

Applicants treating patients as part of their occupational training must provide a letter from the relevant registration authority or regulatory body saying they have conditional registration for the training.

Your nominee can be in or outside of Australia when they submit their application for the 407 visa.

Step 2. Sponsor submits the 407 Visa Nomination

Once all the required documents are gathered along with proof showing you are an approved temporary activity sponsor, you can lodge the nomination for the 407 visa.

Step 3. Nomination Outcome

If the Department of Home Affairs approves the nominate, you will receive a ‘nomination identification number and a nomination expiry date.

Nominations are valid for 5 years. The sponsor must give the ID number to the visa applicant.

Step 4. The visa applicant assembles documents

Step 5. The visa applicant lodges their 407 training visa application.

We help sponsors and applicants to prepare the documents for the visa nomination and the visa application.

Step 6. Visa decision received.

Visa outcome decisions can vary from weeks to months. Delays can occur if the documents lodged are not ‘decision-ready’, for example they lack the required detail and information.


407 Visa Cost

The government fee for 407 Training visa is AUD405 for the main applicant and subsequent applicants.

This does not include charges you may incur for obtaining police checks, health checks, English language tests or registered migration fees.


407 Visa Processing Times

The processing time for the 407 Training visa varies. Three quarters are processed in less than 3 months. The majority are processed within 4 months.

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