Are you looking to sponsor an employee for a TSS 482 visa?

Who can sponsor a TSS 482?

An employer who is an approved business sponsor and has a job vacancy found on the skilled occupation list can be eligible to sponsor a candidate for a TSS 482 visa.

The employer also needs to demonstrate:

its general business registration

it is a lawfully operating business

it meets training requirements

the business necessity to fill the position

the terms and conditions of the nominee’s contract is consistent with Australian employees

that the position will pay the market salary rate

taken efforts to fill the position with an Australian citizen or permanent resident, such as by placing adverts to fill the role.

they comply with Australian immigration and workplace relations law.

We help Australian employers sponsor skilled workers where skills shortages are being felt. For over ten years, we’ve provided professional migration advice through our registered migration agent to businesses located through out Australia in a range of sectors, including IT, Mining, Agriculture, Horticulture, Veterinary Science, Transport and Logistics, Dentistry, Health and Beauty and Hospitality.

We represent clients through out Australian with visa advice in Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide. We also provide migration advice to regional areas.

We represent both employers and employees with their Australian work visas matters, whether they’re applying for their first temporary skilled visa or transitioning to permanent skilled visa.

Becoming an approved employee sponsor

Some temporary skilled work visas, namely the 482 visa and the 494 visa, require employers to be an approved business sponsor. The main components to becoming an approved employer sponsor include:

being a legally established and currently operating business

demonstrating a commitment to employing Australian workers

understanding your employer responsibilities as a business sponsor.

We advise employers on how to achieve this status and represent businesses when applying to be a sponsor.

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Business Sponsor Testimonial

YouTube video

Employer, John Burns came to the Australian Business Migration Group’s Perth migration agent when his business needed to sponsor skilled employees for temporary skilled work visas. John returned to our Perth migration agent, Greg Nicolson,  when his employees could transition to permanent residency through a sponsored permanent skilled visa via the Employer Nomination Scheme.

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