Temporary Activities Sponsor

What is a temporary activities sponsor?

A temporary activities sponsor is a status needed by companies and other organizations wanting to sponsor qualified people for some streams of the subclass 403 International relations visa, a subclass 407 Training visa and for some activities on the subclass 408 Temporary Activity visa. The sponsorship lasts for 5 years.

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Who can be a temporary activities sponsor?

From companies, not for profits to sporting organizations, religious organizations to foreign government entities like diplomatic missions or trade offices, or organizations like the United Nations. Super Yacht owners or operators can also apply to become a temporary activities sponsor. Most lawfully operating organizations in Australia can apply.

However, Individuals, sole traders and sole operators are not eligible.

Organizations must present evidence showing they are lawfully operating in Australia and commit to the obligations of being a temporary activities sponsor. They must not have any adverse information against them.

How do you become a temporary activities sponsor?

The application process involves gathering documents that will prove your organization is lawfully operating in Australia, is capable of meeting its obligations and has a good business record.

The documents required will vary a little bit depending on your entity. Let’s take a look at how they vary.

All entities need to show they can meet their obligations to be a sponsor. You’ll need to submit:

Bank statements

Tax returns

Profit and loss statements and balance sheet

Letter of support from a qualified accountant

A letter of support from a reputable financial institution stating your entity can meet its financial responsibilities

Your ABN certificate


For companies, your Australian Company Number certificate from ASIC

For franchisees, your franchise agreement listing the parties

For trusts, your trust deed listing the parties

For not for profit organisations, a tax exemption certificate

For start ups, operating for less than 12 months, submit your

Detailed business plan

Business purchase contract of sale

Business premises lease agreement

Contracts for service

Evidence you employ staff (eg employment contracts, pay summaries)

Business Activity Statements

Bank statements

For religious organisations submit your:

ATO income tax exemption charity endorsement

Statement confirming your activities and congregation numbers

A copy of your chart, or constitution, articles of association

For Super yacht operators, owners and captains, provide

The vessel’s registration papers and survey or insurance papers for the vessel

For super yacht business operators, submit

Your organizational structure

Proof of the business activity relating to the super yacht

For super yacht captains, provide

An employment contract confirming your Captain role from the registered owner or operator

Can standard business sponsors nominate 407 visa holders?

No. Standard business sponsors can nominate subclass 482 Temporary skill shortage applicants, subclass 494 visa applicants and ENS 186 visa applicants. But they cannot sponsor subclass 407 Training Visa applicants.

The reason is to do with the purpose and function of these visas. The purpose of the 482 visas and the 494 visas is to help ease skill shortages in the medium and long term.

This is in contrast to shorter term nature of the subclass 304, subclass 407 and some 408 visas. With these visas, although the visa applicant can be in paid work, the period of time they are working in Australia is shorter, from weeks to a maximum of 2 years.

How long does is the application process?

The longest part of the process is often assembling all the required documents and ensuring the information is up to date, detailed and in the correct format for submitting. Once these documents have been gathered, checked and lodged, the Department of Home Affairs usually returns with a decision within a couple of weeks or less.

How do we help you?

We help organizations with their sponsorship applications. We ensure they contain the required information, in the right format so that decision-ready applications are lodged. Please contact us to find out more.

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