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Why use a registered migration agent for Australian Visas?

Australian visa applications can be a daunting task for anyone seeking to migrate or visit the country. Whether it’s for permanent residency, work, study, or tourism, the Australian visa system can be complicated. Work visas or partners require, require numerous legal documents and  processes. In such a scenario, employing the expertise of a registered migration agent emerges as a crucial decision, offering numerous benefits and ensuring a smoother journey through the visa application process.

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What does a registered Australian migration agent do?

As your registered Australian migration agent in Perth possess comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the Australian immigration laws, policies, and procedures. We stay abreast of the latest updates and changes in the immigration landscape, especially for skilled work visas. This enables your registered migration agent in Perth to provide you with accurate and up-to-date guidance.

Our expertise, especially in sponsored skilled work visa, minimizes the risk of errors or omissions in visa applications, thereby enhancing the chances of a successful outcome. When you use a registered Australian migration agent in Perth, visa applicants receive personalized support  tailored to their specific circumstances.

Our registered migration agent in Perth offers individualized advice. Its always important to take into account factors like the applicant’s background, qualifications, age and visa preferences. By carefully assessing each case, your migration agent in Perth can devise strategies that maximize the likelihood of obtaining the desired outcome within the shortest possible time frame and offering the best value to the employer sponsor and visa applicant.

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Using Australian migration agent saves time

Another significant advantage of utilizing a registered migration agent is our ability to streamline the application process and alleviate administrative burdens – saving you a lot of time.  Visa applications often involve extensive paperwork and documentation, ranging from identity proofs and financial statements to health assessments and character references.

Migration agents guide applicants through the entire documentation process, ensuring that all required forms are correctly completed and supporting documents are organized and submitted in accordance with the visa requirements.

Moreover, registered migration agents serve as intermediaries between applicants and the Department of Home Affairs, facilitating communication and addressing any queries or concerns that may arise during the application process. This liaison role is particularly valuable in cases where additional information or clarification is requested by immigration authorities, as migration agents can provide prompt responses and clarification on behalf of their clients.

Making Australian temporary visas simpler

And for quick and simple Australian visas like the Electronic Travel Authority, which is the tourist visa many passport-holders can apply for, we would recommend you apply for this online. (Some travel agents organise your tourist visa for you when you book your flight to Australia).

However, visas like temporary skilled visas, partner visas, business visas and applications for permanent residency require additional information to prove the identity, qualifications, professional history, skills, character, health, spouse or de facto relationship, dependents, and financial assets of all those applying for an Australian visa.

Some visa applications, meanwhile, are time sensitive. This means we have to gather all the supporting information, present it in a way the immigration department can understand, and submit it before a certain deadline.

Some visa applicants experience complications when lodging their visa. Some people face delays in the processing of their visa and even rejections when they have tried to lodge a visa themselves.

When visa applicants, business sponsors or partner sponsors use a registered migration agent like ours at the Australian Business Migration Group, they find the visa processing time is reduced, they experience fewer delays, they save time, enabling them to work on their day job and they save money by getting the visa application right the first time around.

Choosing a registered migration agent for Australia visas

When you choose a migration agent, check they are registered by the Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority and that they have a current Migration Agent Registration Number (MARN).

In addition to their expertise and assistance, registered migration agents must uphold the highest ethical standards and professional conduct, as mandated by the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA). This regulatory framework ensures accountability and transparency in the services provided by migration agents, safeguarding the interests of visa applicants and maintaining the integrity of the migration system.

The right registered migration agent can reduce visa processing times and ultimately save you unnecessary visa costs. For example, the advice you receive from our migration agent will be frank and candid about the prospects of success.

Having assessed your situation, our migration agent will propose the most efficient way forward. Sometimes this might be different to the skilled visa, a business visa or a partner visa you had in mind. However, the way forward is designed to save you unnecessary extra visa fees and save you time – which will save you money.

When you look for a reliable migration agent, check the reviews and ask around. It is with great pride, the Australian Business Migration Group offers a service that provides genuine value to our clients. That’s what our clients say.

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How to check if a migration agent is registered

In Australia, only registered migration agents or migration lawyers are allowed to provide legal advice and assistance on visa and migration matters. This includes helping visa applicants prepare documents for a visa, lodge visas and representing clients when dealing with the Australian immigration department. This applies to temporary skilled visas, permanent residency, partner visas, student visas – it applies to all Australian visas.

Registered migration agents are registered by the Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority. This is an Australian Government body that regulates the profession of Migration Agents.

Becoming a registered migration agent requires tertiary training and obtaining, at the very least, a Graduate Diploma in Migration Law, a Graduate Certificate in Australian Migration Law and Practice and a Capstone assessment or a legal practicing certificate.

Migration Agent Registration number

A government approved registered migration agent receives a Migration Agent Registration number or MARN. The MARN  is only issued by the Migration Agents Registration Authority. When you engage a migration agent, check the agent has a valid MARN number and is a registered migration agent. If the migration agent is not registered, they shouldn’t be providing you with migration or visa advice.

Having become a registered migration agent, migration agents must continue to study to maintain their registration. This requires regular professional development to ensure we keep up-to-date with the changes happening with Australian migration law affecting temporary skill shortage visas, business visas, partners visas and family visas.

The Australian Business Migration Group invests seriously in the training and development of our registered migration agent.  In addition, through membership with the Migration Institute of Australia and the Migration Alliance, our registered migration agent is able to draw on this wealth of knowledge to assist and advise our clients in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide – in fact all around Australia and overseas.

Your registered migration agent should be across the ins and outs of Australia’s migration law. The visa advice they provide should be accurate and reliable, whether it’s for a temporary skilled visa, sponsoring an employee, sponsoring a partner visa, applying for a bridging visa. Whether your migration agent is in Melbourne or your migration agent is in Sydney or if your migration agent is in Perth, the visa advice you receive should be reliable –  and always in your best interests.

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Which is the best migration agent for Australia?

All Australian registered migration agents must adhere to the Code of Conduct issued by the Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority. The Code of Conduct sets out what clients should be able to expect from their registered migration agent. Migration agents should be professional in their dealings with clients, knowledgeable, provide reliable advice and always act in the best interests of their clients.

At the Australian Business Migration Group, we take this very seriously. Your rights and interests are of paramount importance to us. Australian migration and visas can be complicated. Our aim is to make the visa process simpler for you. We take pride in offering a service that offers our clients genuine value.

Working with our Registered Migration Agent

The Australian Business Migration and our registered migration is set up to serve Australia-wide. One of the ways we pass on value and savings to clients is by reducing the amount of time spent in meetings. As well as making ourselves available to clients by telephone and online during regular hours, clients can also reach us outside of normal office hours as well – helpful when many of our clients are busy working during normal work in hours – and reassuring if you have an urgent visa question.

When you engage us to provide you with Australian migration and visa advice and representation, you will receive the direct line of our migration agent. This means you can get in touch when its convenient for you and, in most cases, you will receive a prompt response.  In fact, our commitment to regular communication is a feature many of our clients like. They know how their visa application is tracking, what they need to provide and in the time frame they need to do provide it in. It also means urgent visa questions can be dealt with swiftly by our migration agent.

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Greg Nicolson B.Comm IT, Dip.Migration Law

Greg’s recruitment experience spans more than 20 years and covers sectors ranging from mining, agriculture, heavy industry and hospitality. In 2009, Greg became a registered migration agent in Perth, an achievement which recognizes his skills and expertise both across Australia and internationally.

Greg proceeded to combine his migration expertise with his recruitment experience to help businesses resolve their skilled staff shortages. This involves advising businesses on becoming a standard business sponsor, undertaking international recruitment, the selection process (when no Australian workers are forthcoming) and facilitating the migration and sponsorship process for Australian employers, employees and employees’ families.

He has also represented refugees, has participated on a number of task forces and has supported individual clients with temporary skilled worker visas, bridging visas, transition to permanent residency, partner visas and business migration visas.

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