Market salary rate for 482 visas

What is the market salary rate for 482 visa occupations?

Employers looking to sponsor an employee for a TSS 482 visa must meet certain salary and employment conditions. These are designed to ensure overseas workers are paid no less than an Australian worker would doing the same work in the same location; that Australian workers are not undercut.

To nominate a position for a TSS 482 visa, the salary on offer must be:

no less that the Temporary Skilled Migration Income Threshold, currently at AUD 70,000


consistent with the Annual Market Salary for that position in comparable locations.

Annual market salary rate

The Annual market salary rate (AMSR) is determined by looking at what you would pay equivalent Australian workers, enterprise agreements or industrial awards, job outlook information, advertisements for the last 6 months in the same location, remuneration survey or advice from unions or employer associations.

Determining the annual market salary for a TSS 482 occupation.

The annual market salary rate for your nominated position can be established by providing at least 2 independent sources of information.

These can be from an enterprise agreement, industrial award or copies of other employment contracts and payslips.

Where there is no equivalent worker, agreement or industrial award, you can provide adverts for similar roles outlining the salary and written advice from a union or employer association.

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