Australia’s Visa Process

Every visitor requires a visa to enter Australia, from a tourist to a partner joining a spouse to a skilled worker migrating for a job.

The visa application process varies in price and complexity, depending on the visa being applied for. A tourist visa, for example, is simple and can be applied for online.

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Get it Right First Time

A temporary skills shortage visa, like a 482 visa, the 494 visa, a partner visa or a 188 visa, on the other hand, requires more supporting information and is a greater financial investment. Its critical to get your visa application right the first time to prevent delays and, potentially, additional costs.

One of the most important parts of Australia’s visa application process is ensuring all the required supporting documents are prepared and submitted at the right time and in the right way. Many visa applicants are not aware of what the Australian government’s immigration department accept as bona fide supporting documents.  Its surprisingly easy for sponsored workers applying for a temporary skills shortage visa or a sponsored partner, for example, to stumble at this point.

Our job, is to make sure you don’t. Our aim is make the process simple and effective for you.

Our registered migration agent can advise you on the most efficient way through Australia’s migration process, so that you save on time and unnecessary additional visa applications and associated costs.

Australian Visa and Migration Expertise

Selecting the right visa in the first place, be that a temporary work visa, a permanent skilled visa, a partner visa or a 188 investment visa, is critical. Understanding if you meet the criteria, for example to sponsor an employee or to sponsor a partner, is also important. You can expect our registered migration agent to give you honest, professional advice on your eligibility for a specific Australian visa.

As you make your decision on whether migrate to Australia temporarily or permanently, its worth factoring in the cost of living in Australia. This can vary depending on which state you relocate to, and whether you are moving to a city or the regions. In addition, some states require temporary skilled visa holders to make additional contributions to schooling.

As Australia’s immigration process can be complicated, Australian Business Migration Group’s registered migration agent will be happy to talk you through your options.


Our Registered Migration Agent

If you have decided to move to Australia, there are many benefits of engaging an experienced registered migration agent. The Australian Business Migration Group is represented by Greg Nicolson who is recognised by the Australian Government body, the Migration Agents Registration Authority. To be recognised by this body, Greg has completed a Diploma in Migration Law and abides by the Migration Agents Registration Authority’s Code of Conduct. He also meet and practices a series of professional standards and obligations. This includes continuous professional development that ensures his knowledge of the Australian visa process is not only far-reaching but up-to-date and reliable. Added to this, he is a member of the advocacy group, Migration Alliance, and the Migration Institute of Australia (MIA), the professional association of Registered Migration Agents which is recognised as “the authority and benchmark for informed, trusted and respected migration practice and leadership” and comprised of “Australia’s most eminent registered migration agents”.

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The immigration process in Australia can be complicated and confusing for many individuals and business owners. At the Australian Business Migration Group, we aim to make this experience as stress-free and simple as possible. Our many years in the industry have built us a strong reputation and has led us to helping many people across the globe migrate and immigrate to Australia. Take the first step towards an exciting future and contact us today!