The Talent Pool

Australian Business Migration Group’s Talent Pool

The Australian Business Migration Group’s Talent Pool is a place where employers can view prospective skilled workers – for free – who are ready to be sponsored to fill skills shortage in high demand positions.

Candidates have been pre-screened for their:

trade qualifications

experience and work history

communication skills

and for other important criteria

to qualify for a skilled work visa.

How does the Talent Pool work?

Follow these steps to view the work history and video interviews of skilled workers.

These qualified professionals are ready to fill skills shortages in high demand positions.

These candidates have already been pre-screened for sponsoring for temporary skilled work visas.

*Requesting to view candidates from our talent pool.

The service to view candidates is free.

If you choose to recruit and sponsor a candidate from the Talent Pool, we do ask for a deposit and a signed memorandum of understanding engaging ABMG to process the sponsorship, nomination, visa applications and trade assessments for each candidate.

View Candidates

Step 1. View candidates’ highlights

View highlights of our candidates’ professional experience, training and English language standard.

Step 2. Contact us to receive candidate’s CV and video interview

Once we receive your request, we will send you our schedule of fees and terms. You will need to confirm you have read and understood these fees which cover recruitment, visa processing and the Australian government’s visa fees. 

Step 3. We send you secure access to candidate’s CV and video interview.

We will send you an encrypted email with a link to the candidate’s resume and password protected video interviews. The video interviews will be available for 3 days. Please contact us if you need an extension.

Step 4. Contact us to arrange an interview between you and the candidate.

If you’d like to interview a candidate, please contact us.

Step 5. Recruiting the candidate and starting the skilled worker sponsorship process.

If you’d like to send a job offer to the candidate, we will forward this on to the candidate.

A deposit for recruitment and visa processing is due upon the agreement of placement between you and the candidate. 

We start the visa application process.

View Candidates