Skilling Australia Fund Levy (SAF) Refunds

Employers who sponsor overseas workers for a 482 visa, an ENS 186 visa or a RSMS 187 visa pay a ‘Skilling Australia Fund’ (SAF) levy when they nominate the employee.

The levy amount depends on the size of the business and the period of time your business  plans to engage the employee.

But what happens if the employee’s visa is refused? Or in the case of a TSS 482 visa, the employee leaves the position within the first 12 months?

Employers can receive a refund on the SAF levy under certain circumstances. These are:

The sponsorship and visa applications are approved, but the overseas skilled worker (visa holder) does not arrive/commence employment with the employer.

The employer’s sponsorship and nomination application for the overseas skilled worker is approved, but the associated visa application is refused on health or character grounds.

The nomination fee is refunded (for example where a concurrent sponsor application is refused).

A TSS 482 visa holder leaves the sponsoring employer within the first 12 months of employment where the visa period was for more than 12 months. Refunds will only be available in this scenario for unused full years of the SAF levy. However this does not apply for not apply to ENS or RSMS holders who leave their employer within the first 12 months of employment.

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