Prospective Marriage Visa Subclass 300

Australia’s prospective marriage visa is for people who want to come to Australia to marry their fiancé. It is a temporary visa valid for 9 months.

As the visa applicant, you need to be sponsored by your fiancé in Australia. The Australian immigration department has to approve the sponsorship application before the visa can be granted.

To qualify for the Prospective Marriage visa, the visa applicant must:

have a sponsor who is their fiancé;

be over 18 years old when you apply for the visa;

not be related;

intend to marry within nine months of the visa being granted;

intend to live as spouses after you are married;

not be married to anyone when a decision is made on your visa application;

meet Australia’s health and character requirements;

pay any outstanding debts to the Australian government;

not have had any Australian visa cancelled or visa application refused.

New Zealand passport holders

New Zealand passport holders should tell the immigration officer at the border that they have a Prospective Marriage visa. If you do not tell them, you might be granted a Special Category visa (subclass 444). Grant of a subclass 444 visa will cease your Prospective Marriage visa.

Prospective Marriage visa application process

Step 1. Your visa sponsor submits their application to be your sponsor for the subclass 300 visa.

Step 2. Sponsorship of your subclass 300 visa application is approved.

As a sponsor, you have obligations. Your sponsorship begins as soon as the immigration department grants your fiance the Prospective Marriage visa and ends 9 months later.

Your sponsorship of the subclass 300 Prospective Marriage visa will contribute to the temporary partner visa subclass 820, should you and your partner wish to remain in Australia and apply for that.

You will be responsible for any debts your prospective spouse or their children owe to the Australian Government

Other sponsor obligations of the prospective marriage visa include ensuring your fiance and their children comply with the conditions of their visa and obey Australian laws.

Step 3. All the required supporting documents are prepared. These documents include:

Identity documents

Health clearances

Character documents

Australian police clearance: This must be a Complete Disclosure National Police Certificates issued by the Australian Federal Police. These should be no older than 12 months at the time you submit your visa application.

Overseas police clearances: You need to provide a police certificate from every country (including your home country) in which you have spent a total of 12 months or more in the last 10 years since turning 16 and also police clearances for each country you have lived in since.

If you have served in the armed forces of any country, you will need to include your discharge papers and military service record.

Evidence of your relationship with your fiancé. This needs to include:

Witness statements: Two statutory declarations by a supporting witness verifying your relationship with your prospective spouse. This declaration needs to be completed on Form 888. The two witnesses should be 18 years old or older, should know both you and your fiancé, and be familiar with your relationship.

If a witness is an Australian citizen or permanent resident, you should include proof of their citizenship or residency.

Additional evidence of your relationship: you should also provide proof that you and your fiancé know each other and have met in person with each other since turning 18 years old.

A letter from an official confirming that you will be marrying your fiancé with in 9 months of being granted the visa.

proof that you and your prospective spouse genuinely intend to live as spouses

Written statements: these should show the history of your relationship, such as:

how, when and where you first met

how your relationship developed

when you became engaged

joint activities

significant events in the relationship

your future plans as spouses

Documents about former relationships if relevant.

If you have been married previously, you will need to provide documents showing you are now divorced or widowed.

Information about any dependents / children.

If dependents / children are under 18 years old, you will need to include their identify documents and proof of your relationship (such as a birth certificate)

Step 4. Submit your subclass 300 visa application with your supporting documents.

Step 5. The immigration department approves your visa application.

What you must do when your Prospective Marriage visa application is approved.

When your visa is issued it will be issued digitally. This can be checked online by airlines, Australian government agencies and employers and banks, with your permission.

It is useful to keep a copy of your visa grant letter with you. This letter contains your visa number

If you and your fiance plan to remain in Australia after you marry, you will need to apply for a Partner Visa.

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