Breaking News: NSW Government Eases Requirements for Skilled Work Regional Visa (subclass 491)

The NSW Government has made some important changes to the Skilled Work Regional visa (subclass 491) under Pathway 1. These updates aim to make it easier for skilled workers in regional New South Wales (NSW) to apply for this visa.

What’s Changed?

Previously, applicants needed to live and work in a designated regional area of NSW for at least 12 months with one employer. But now, the NSW Government has reduced this requirement to just 6 months.

nsw 491 visa

What Does this Mean for Applicants?

This means that skilled workers who have been working in regional NSW for at least 6 months now have a better chance of getting the Skilled Work Regional visa (subclass 491) under Pathway 1. It makes it easier for them to apply and recognizes their contributions to the regional economy and communities in a shorter time.

Key Criteria:

While the employment duration has changed, some key criteria remain the same:

  • Applicants still need to work with one employer in regional NSW.
  • The job must match the applicant’s nominated occupation, which must be considered skilled by NSW.
  • Applicants must earn at least $70,000 per year (or less if working fewer hours) from their employer in the nominated occupation in the 6 months before applying.

Important Considerations:

  • Skilled work must happen after NSW deems the applicant skilled in their occupation and is documented in their SkillSelect Expression of Interest (EOI).
  • Applicants must apply for the visa while they are in Australia and cannot have any other visa applications being considered by Home Affairs.


Sponsoring employees in regional NSW:

These changes mark a significant step forward in streamlining the visa application process and facilitating the integration of skilled workers into regional communities, ultimately contributing to the ongoing prosperity and growth of regional NSW.

For more information on this updated criteria and advice for how to apply, contact Greg Nicolson: 1300 764 980