International Women’s Day 2024 – Nargis’ Story

As we approach International Women’s Day, we invite you to reflect on stories that encapsulate the essence of empowerment and resilience.

In the spirit of celebrating the achievements of women around the world, we would like to share with you the journey of Nargis, a young woman whose story embodies the transformative power of education, opportunity, and determination.

Nargis was born into a family facing numerous challenges. Amidst the turmoil of conflict, her parents made the difficult decision to seek refuge in Pakistan. Seeking safety and looking ot the future, her parents doggedly navigated Australia’s migration system (with our help) and eventually were able to be together in Australia.

Watch her story:

YouTube video

In Australia, Nargis, with the support of her parents, has pursued her education and explored her passions.


She discovered her love for cricket in Australia, a sport she was already familiar with from her time living in Pakistan – but had not felt encouraged to play until now. Five years on, she is a stalwart of her local cricket team south of Perth, Western Australia.

Nargis’ story is not just about overcoming adversity; it’s about embracing the opportunities that every girl deserves.

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In a world where gender equality remains a distant goal for many, her journey serves as a reminder of the transformative power of education and inclusion. Nargis’ story reminds us that education is not just a privilege but a fundamental right that must be accessible to all. By empowering girls like Nargis, we not only uplift individuals but entire communities, paving the way for a more equitable and prosperous future.

Happy International Women’s Day #IWD24