ABMG partners with Diesel Mechanics DownUnder

The Australian Business Migration Groupis delighted to announce it is partnering with Diesel Mechanics DownUnder.

Diesel Mechanics DownUnder sources qualified diesel mechanics from within Australia and overseas to help plug the existing skills shortage in Australia. Diesel Mechanics DownUnder is currently sourcing qualified candidates for a range of employers, including those from the agricultural, haulage, and mining sectors.

Australian Business Migration Group (ABMG) is pleased to be providing Diesel Mechanics DownUnder clients with visa and migration advice through its registered migration agent, Greg Nicolson. The advice includes how employers can become an approved business sponsor, a status that’s required before a business can nominate a candidate from overseas.

ABMG is also providing nominated candidates with migration advice and representation with Department of Home Affairs which processes Australia’s visas. This involves helping nominated candidates carry out skills assessments and preparing their visa applications with all the supporting documents needed to submit a temporary or permanent skilled visa application.

ABMG is also helping existing visa holders on temporary 457 visas transition to permanent residency through visas like the subclass 186, where they qualify to.  Earlier this year, the 457 visa was replaced with the 482 visa, also known as the Temporary Skills Shortage visa or TSS.

Changes to the temporary skilled worker visas have been on-going since April 2017. These changes affected the upper age limit of visa applicants and the range of occupations that employers could nominate a candidate for.

Australian businesses and employers, visa-holder and visa applicants should be able to look forward to a period of relative consistency in the skilled visa space, following more than a year of flux.

If you have a question about sponsoring a skilled worker from overseas or if you are an existing visa holder, please contact ABMG to learn more about your options.