Wealth Management

Australia is home to the largest pool of funds under management in Asia. (source: Investment Company Institute)

Between 2011 and 2015, investment through managed investment trusts has more than doubled from over $20 billion to more than $43.5 billion dollars. Sources are predominately from Asia (source: FSC and UBS report). This has been supported by Australia’s Free Trade Agreements with countries like Singapore and South Korea that allow for market for Australian registered financial service providers. (source: FTAtool)


Australia is also home to the world’s 4th largest pension assets pool. (source: Willis Towers Watson’s Global Pension Assets Study 2017)

In Australia, saving up for a pension is known as superannuation. Employers must pay 9.5% of an employee’s salary into a super fund. It’s been the law for over 20 years.

Over that time, superannuation has produced as asset pool of over AU$2 trillion dollars. (source: Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia)

Of that sum, more than $600 billion is controlled by “self managed super funds” – these are DIY super funds controlled by individuals instead of an institution. There a half a million of them – and they need advice. (source: Australian Tax Office)

Ready for financial innovators

Morgan Stanley rates Australia as an “attractive market” for technological disruptors.

Australia still has a notable “corporate concentration” of financial services. Australian customers know this and are responsive to technological disruptors.

This presents growth opportunities for innovative ways of delivering financial advice, transactions, credit.

We’re already starting to see innovation in this space but there’s room for lots more. For example the provision of

business loans,




stock or fund analysis.