Subclass 400 Temporary Work (Short Specialist) visa

The 400 visa lets the visa holder carry out short term, high specialised work in Australia for typically up to 3 months and no longer than 6 months.

Step 1. Prepare your documents ahead of lodging the 400 visa application

Identity documents

To prove the identity of the 400 visa applicant, you will need to provide:

The photo page of your passport that includes your personal details, passport issue and expiry date.

Also provide a national identify card if you have one.

If you have changed your name, you should supply documents that prove this, such as a marriage or divorce certificate,  change of name documents from an Australian Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages or an overseas equivalent or a document that show other names you have been known as.

Employment documents

You musts demonstrate that you have specialised skills, knowledge or experience that is difficult to be found in Australia which can help an Australian business in work that will not be ongoing.

To show this, you must provide a resume and professional licenses or qualifications.

You will need to supply a letter of invitation, job offer or employment contract from an Australian organisation confirming they have employed you to work in Australia. The documents should explain:

your job description, duties, position and project of work you’ll undertake;

the duration of your work;

the reason you are needed to work in Australia;

your employment conditions and wages;

the Australian workplace standards or award that applies to your job and

their support for your visa application.

Freelancers, such freelance journalists or photographers carrying out a media assignment, will need to provide an itinerary and details of your assignment.

Your work, however, should not be in the Entertainment industry.

You must demonstrate that you have specialised skills, knowledge or experience that is

Financial documents

You will need to show that you can support yourself and any family members accompanying you to Australia. You will need to provide an employment contract, bank statements or a letter from your bank or building society confirming your financing position.

Character documents

You might need to provide a police certificate. You’ll be notified if you need to supply one.

Partner documents

If your partner is accompanying you on this visa, you will need to provide documents that confirm their identify, character and your relationship.

Establishing your partner’s relationship to you can be done by providing a marriage certificate or providing 12 months of proof that you are in a de facto relationship, such as, joint bank account statements, billing accounts in both names, joint leases or mortgages.

Dependents under 18 years old

You will need to include identity documents, proof of their relationship to you (such as a birth certificate) and character documents where applicable for dependents, such as children, applying with you on your 188 visa application.

Parental responsibility: You will also need to obtain the written consent (using Form 1229 or by providing a statutory declaration) from anyone else who has a legal right to decide where the child lives and/or is not coming to Australia with the child.

Dependents over 18 years old: If you have dependents who are over 18 years old, you will need to include Form 47a detailing the ways this applicant is dependent on you. You can also include other forms of proof, such as their tax records, evidence they are currently studying and/or they live with you.

If the dependents applying are over 18 years old, you must show how they are dependent on you or your partner. You can include evidence that they live with you, tax records, proof they are currently studying, banks statements showing you have financially supported them.

Step 2. Submit your 400 visa application with your supporting documents and visa fee.

The government fee for the 400 visa is AUD 310.

The majority of applications are processed within 3 weeks.

Wait until you receive written confirmation granting you the visa before making booking your travel to Australia.

Step 3. Your visa is granted.

You can now make your travel arrangements to visit Australia. You must arrive in Australia within 6 months of being granted the visa.



The government fee for the 400 visa application is AUD 310.


Processing Times

The majority of 400 visas are processed within 3 weeks.