What is a migration agent?

If you’re wanting to work or live in Australia, you will need to follow the appropriate migration process suited to your individual circumstances. With a wide variety of visas and immigration paths available, this process can very easily become complicated. The role of a registered migration agent is to assist people by providing them with a variety of services and guidance when immigrating to ensure they transition in the most efficient way possible.

In addition to this, our registered migration agents in Perth can also assist local businesses in the immigration process particularly when business owners would like to employ skilled people from overseas. At the Australian Business Migration Group, we have both the knowledge and experience with the immigration system to support you, your business and your family when it comes to migrating to Australia permanently or temporarily.

Our migration services

We understand coming to work and live in Australia is an exciting time. At the Australian Business Migration Group, we would like to assist you with making this transition by guiding you through the most appropriate immigration migration process possible. Our aim is to help you get established in Australia sooner and more easily. Our Perth migration agents have helped many businesses and individuals migrate through end-to-end solutions.

We bring together service providers sympathetic to the issues faced by business migrants and their dependents. Each of our service providers have extensive experience in their fields, are client-focused and represent a wide range of clients.

Free migration assessment

If you’re unsure about which visa you may need in order to work in Australia, or would like to learn more about how your business can engage with international employees or partners, our experienced visa agents in Perth at the Australian Business Migration Group can help. Our free migration assessment will determine your eligibility and advise you on your immigration options.

Work temporarily in Australia

Do you want to work temporarily in Australia or have a business opportunity here? Our experienced visa agents in Perth can assist you with applying for a suitable temporary working visa. A skilled visa 457 allows international employees to work in their nominated occupation for their approved sponsor for up to four years, however a 487 working visa, also known as a Regional Sponsored visa, allows you to work, study and live in a specified regional area for up to three years. There are many different visas available for temporary employment in Australia. Please discuss these with our registered migration agents.

Work permanently in Australia

There are many different pathways leading to permanent employment in Australia. Whether you’re an employer or employee, our visa agents have both the knowledge and skills to assist you with gaining permanent residency. If you’re a business owner, a Business Talent visa 132 will allow you to establish a new or develop an existing business in Australia. Other visas include visa 188, visa 888 and more. For more information, please book a free assessment to discuss your visa requirements and employment needs today.

Employing international persons

If you’re an Australian business and wish to employ someone from overseas, it’s essential to ensure you understand your rights and limitations as an employer. Engaging with a migration or visa agent such as ourselves will give you the peace of mind and assurance that your applications will be taken care of and that all documentation is completed by the law.

Bring your family or partner to Australia

In addition to assisting businesses and skilled employees, our team can also provide information and resources for families and partners who may wish to migrate to Australia. Our visa agents in Perth can help you navigate the immigration process and find the right visa for your circumstances. Book a free assessment with our friendly team today.

Our clients

  • Australian business operators
  • International business investors and entrepreneurs
  • Skilled professionals and their families
  • Partners

Our expertise

  • Australian business operators
  • International business investors and entrepreneurs
  • Skilled professionals and their families
  • Partners

Our Perth migration agent


Greg Nicolson B.Comm, Dip.Migration Law


Greg’s recruitment experience spans more than 20 years and covers sectors ranging from mining, agriculture, heavy industry and hospitality. In 2009, Greg became a registered migration agent in Perth, an achievement which recognises his skills and expertise both across Australia and internationally.

Greg proceeded to combine his migration expertise with his recruitment experience to help small to medium-sized businesses resolve their skilled staff shortages. This involved advising businesses on becoming a standard business sponsor, undertaking international recruitment, the selection process (when no Australian workers are forthcoming) and facilitating the migration and sponsorship process for Australian employers, employees and employees’ families.

He has also represented refugees, has participated on a number of task forces and has supported individual clients with 457 temporary skilled worker visas, bridging visas, transition to permanent residency, partner visas and business migration visas.

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