Opportunities for Investors

Australia benefits from being situated close by to the fastest growing region in the world.

The OECD forecasts the middle class in the Asia Pacific to increase by over 500% by 2030: from half a billion people to over 3.2 billion people. For Europe, its 2.3%.

All these people will need feeding, housing, clothing, educating, training, entertaining, financing and so on.

This begins to explain why foreign investment into Australia grew by 40% between 2009-2014, reaching AU$3 trillion by 2015.*

We look at some of the Australian sectors well placed for growth over the next couple of decades* and offer a brief overview of the opportunities they represent.

sources: *Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade * Deloitte, ‘Positioning for prosperity? Catching the next wave’

Wealth Management

Australia is home to the largest pool of funds under management in Asia1 and the world’s 4th largest pension assets pool.



Australia’s agri-food trade is worth A$46 billion. This growing sector is responding to increasing demand for wheat, hops, meat and wine from customers across Asia.



Nearly $40 billion was spent by tourists in Australia last year. China was the largest market for total spend and visitor nights.



Australia is the 3rd most popular international student destination in the world. And the 1st choice destination in the Asian region.

Australia welcomes investment and has initiatives in place to support it. This includes visas that cater for business visitors, operators interested in business investment and innovation, entrepreneurs and exceptional business talent.

As a registered Australian migration expert, Greg Nicolson is able to advise you on the business migration options open to you.

The combined strength of our group partners gives you and your business interests reliable knowledge about and insights into doing business in Australia.

For example, Sean Neary for example, can advise you on international tax issues and appropriate company structures prior to opening a business in Australia. Stephanie Rowland of Mills Oakley, one of Australia’s fastest growing law firms, can help you protect your intellectual property in Australia as well as support you with commercial legal queries.

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