You’ve got your visa, now it’s time to get set up and running in Australia.

This section will give you advise and tips on how to get started smoothly. From how to set up a mobile phone account to buying a car to leasing a property, you can find useful information here.

  • Driver’s licence – how to transfer your driver’s license state by state
  • Buying a car – where to go and how to transfer ownership
  • Public Transport – maps of the transport networks and how to get pre-pay travel cards
  • Real Estate – Where to go for short term accommodation, commercial and residential real estate
  • Schools and education system – how to enrol your children into school
  • Banking, payment systems – how to open a bank account and pay for things in Australia
  • Accounting software – popular accounting systems in Australia to help get your business going
  • Insurance – introduction to insurance in Australia
  • Health System – overview of  how Australia’s health system works, from visiting a doctor to hospital care