ENS 186 visa levy

The Employer Nominated Scheme 186 visa now incurs a levy. In 2018 the government introduced a Skilling Australians Fund levy for businesses sponsoring an overseas worker. This replaces the training benchmark that existed up until 18th August 2018.

The levy varies depending on the size of your business – and is tax deductable.

Business size   ENS / RSMS visas
Small (annual turnover less than $10 million) AUD3000 one-off
Other business (annual turnover of $10 million or more) AUD5000 one-off

Example: a business with an annual turnover of more than AUD10 million per year that wishes to nominate a TSS worker for a period of 4 years would be liable to pay a levy of AUD7,200 (4 years x AUD1,800).

Useful Info: SAF Levy Refunds

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