COVID-19 Update: Travel ban for Australian Citizens & Permanent Residents

The travel ban preventing Australian citizens or permanent residents travelling outside of Australia came into force Wednesday, 25 March 2020. The move by the Australian Government stops citizens and Australian permanent residents from travelling outside of Australia by air or sea for the next 4 weeks. Exemptions on the travel restriction can be granted to specific people. Australian permanent residency Australian Citizenship

Individuals who may be eligible to apply for an exemption are:

an Australian citizen or permanent resident who usually lives in another country;

crew members of aircraft or vessels, and essential safety and maintenance personnel of those aircraft and vessels;

personnel working in the day to day conduct of inbound and outbound freight;

a person whose travel is associated with essential work on an offshore facility;

a person who is travelling on official government business, including Australian Defence Force personnel.

Any Australian citizen or permanent resident seeking to travel outside of Australia will have to apply for an exemption in writing before confirming their travel arrangements.

The Australian Business Migration Group is taking calls and queries relating to visa-holders and citizens leaving and returning to Australia lawfully.

If you need visa assistance, call 1300 794 680 or email