COVID-19: Can you extend a Student Visa?

COVID-19: Student Visa – Extending your stay

Travel bans, border closures and quarantining have impacted student visa holders looking to complete their courses in Australia. As a result, some students may find their subclass 500 visa expiring before they finish their studies. For other students who have finished their studies, the travel bans have stopped them from returning to their home country. What should students with a subclass 500 visa do to remain in Australia lawfully?

Student visas cannot be extended. Instead, students who need more time in Australia to finish their course should apply for a new student visa.

Apply Six Weeks Before

Students needing to extend their visa to finish their course should apply for a new student visa at least six weeks before their current visa is due to expire.

Students who have already finished their course and have a student visa that is about to expire should apply for a Visitor visa subclass 600 to lawfully extend their stay in Australia.

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