COVID-19: Help at last for Temporary Skilled Visa Holders

Concessions for Temporary skilled visa holders and corporate sponsors were announced yesterday in a long-awaited statement.

Sponsoring employers will be able to reduce the work hours of their sponsored employees without breaching the 482 visa conditions.

In addition, temporary skilled shortage 482 visa holders, on either a 2 year or a 4 year visa, will maintain their visa validity if they are stood down but not laid off as a result of the coronavirus crisis.

Unless visa holders who have been laid off due to the coronavirus impacts can secure a new sponsor, they will have to leave the country in line with their visa conditions. However, 4-year visa holders who are re-employed after the coronavirus pandemic will be able to use their time already spent in Australia to count towards their permanent residency skilled work experience requirements.

Other changes designed to help 482 visa holders include the relaxation of superannuation rules. Workers on a temporary skilled shortage visa can now access their superannuation to help ease the financial stress experienced by coronavirus. TSS visa holders can access up to AUD10,000 this financial year (this financial year ends on the 30th June).

All workers in Australia accumulate superannuation, which their employers pay into a fund. The amount paid into the superannuation fund is tax free (however funds do charge administration fees). Previously temporary visa holders with work rights were only able to access their superannuation once they had left Australia permanently.

For more advice on temporary skilled visas during the coronavirus crisis, call 1300 794 680 or email