How to immigrate to Australia

Immigration is the process whereby someone from another country comes to Australia to live permanently. Unlike immigration, migration is only temporary. If you’re currently working or living overseas and wish to permanently relocate here, our Australian immigration experts in Perth can help.

As the process for immigration is not always straight forward, our agents can assist you with understanding not only how you might apply for a permanent visa, but also your rights and obligations. Strict laws apply for those who do not follow the correct procedure which is why engaging with a visa agent such as the Australian Business Migration Group is crucial.

The process

You’ve decided you would like to permanently move to Australia. Now, you should contact your reputable migration agent and discuss your eligibility. Immigration to Australia or Perth is not always an opportunity made available for everyone. Our friendly and understanding team will discuss with you your options and provide alternatives if you are unable to apply for a permanent visa.

Once you have had your initial meeting and your agent has suggested to proceed with a permanent visa application, we will then guide you along the process and assist you with completing all required documents and papers. Depending on your visa, the outcome of your application could take many months before you are approved or denied. It’s therefore essential to ensure your application is completed accurately from the beginning and with the assistance of a migration agent.

After your visa has been processed and either approved or denied, you can consult with your agent and discuss the necessary steps moving forward.

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The immigration process in Australia can be complicated and confusing for many individuals and business owners. At the Australian Business Migration Group, we aim to make this experience as stress-free and simple as possible. Our many years in the industry have built us a strong reputation and has led us to helping numerous people across the globe migrate and immigrate to Australia. Take the first step towards an exciting future and contact us today!