How does the 457 visa work?

In some sectors and in some regions of Australia, employers experience a genuine shortage of skilled workers.

In cases where there are no suitably qualified Australian workers available, some employers look farther afield and elect to sponsor qualified staff.

The Temporary Work (Skilled) subclass 457 program is driven by employer demand and requires employer sponsorship. Businesses can employ overseas workers with a 457 visa for up to four years in certain skilled occupations.

For a business to sponsor an employee from overseas for a 457 visa, there are three steps.

  • The employer applies to be a standard business sponsor.
  • The employer nominates an occupation for a prospective or existing subclass 457 visa holder.
  • the person nominated to work in the nominated occupation applies for the subclass 457 visa. If they meet required language, skills and character tests, they obtain a subclass 457 visa.

Strong worker protection measures are in place to ensure that overseas skilled workers are provided the same workplace rights as Australian citizens.