The 457 visa is a temporary skilled worker visa that allows the visa holder to work in Australia for an approved business sponsor for up to 2 or 4 years.

Who can sponsor you?

Only an approved business sponsor can sponsor a 457 visa application. This can be an employer who has standard business sponsor status or an employer who has negotiated a labour agreement.

You can apply for a 457 visa after your business sponsor has received approval to nominate the position for sponsorship from Australia’s Department of Immigration and Border Protection.

What occupations can be sponsored?

Australia has lists of occupations that can be sponsored by an employer:

 Medium and Long Term Strategic Skilled List (MLTSSL)  

If your occupation is on this list, your 457 visa application will be processed through the Medium-Term stream. This means you can remain in Australia to work for up to 4 years. It also offers a pathway towards permanent residency.


the Short Term Skilled Occupation List (STSOL)

If your occupation is on this list, your 457 visa will be issued through the short-term stream. This means you can remain in Australia to work for up to 2 years. (There are exceptions where this can be extended to 4 years if the employer requests it and international trade obligations require it).

How do you apply for a 457 visa?

Once approval has been given for the nominated position, you can apply for the 457 visa.

The primary applicant must be aged

You can include your dependents on your visa application, such as your partner and children.

As the nominee, you will need to include documents relating to:

– your occupation and trade, including a 457 skills assessment recognised by Trades Recognition Australia

– your CV

– relevant English language proficiency. For the 457 visa, you need to demonstrate you have functional English. You can do this if you hold a passport issued from the UK, Ireland, New Zealand, Canada or the United States. Otherwise you will need to show an International English Language Test System score of 5. Learn more about English language requirements here.

– personal documents

– family documents

– health insurance

– You will also need to pass Australia’s health and character requirements.

Employer responsibilities

All visa-holders working in Australia have workplace rights ensuring their rates of pay and their condition of work. Employers who engage a 457 visa holder must ensure they:

provide equivalent terms and conditions of employment as their Australian counterparts

ensure the 457 visa holder carries out the nominated occupation

pay travel costs to enable the sponsored people to leave Australia

provide training to Australian employees.

If you currently hold a 457 visa, contact us to understand what these changes mean for you and your dependents.

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