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JUSTSIPS logoJustSIPS is a Perth-based building supply manufacturer with an opportunity for an equity investor.


SIPS are structurally insulated panel systems and are an increasingly popular alternative to brick.

JustSIPS have dedicated more than 30 years to creating an unique structurally insulated panel building system. Tough and durable, the JustSIPS panels are fire-resistant, earthquake resistant and exceed Australia’s cyclone standards.

Their system delivers:

  • Faster construction time compared to brick
  • Construction simplicity reduces labour costs
  • Reduces on site material costs
  • Superior thermal qualities reducing ongoing energy costs
  • A versatile system that can be used in remote and metro areas for constructing luxury homes, warehouses, holiday parks, mining camps and remote housing
  • Modular systems making shipping easier

JustSIPS have been deployed across Australia, Thailand, India and Botswana.

In 2015, JustSIPS were “Most Preferred Building System” by International Funders of Humanitarian Housing Products.

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The Opportunity

This is an investment opportunity with a migration outcome for the right business professional.

To find out how you can meet the migration criteria please contact Greg Nicolson.